Book Series: Isaac Bell
Book Format: Hardcover, ISBN: 0399158618, Publisher: Penguin Publishing
Publication Date: 2012, Co-Author: Justin Scott

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The Thief

Detective Isaac Bell returns in the remarkable new adventure from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author.
On the ocean liner Mauretania, two European scientists with a dramatic new invention are barely rescued from abduction by the Van Dorn Detective Agency’s intrepid chief investigator, Isaac Bell. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky the second time. The thugs attack again-and this time one of the scientists dies. What are they holding that is so precious? Only something that will revolutionize business and popular culture-and perhaps something more.
For war clouds are looming, and a ruthless espionage agent has spotted a priceless opportunity to give the Germans an edge. It is up to Isaac Bell to figure out who he is, what he is up to, and stop him. But he may already be too late . . . and the future of the world may just hang in the balance.
Excerpt…”Mauretania, the fastest liner in the world, bound for New York with twenty-two hundred passengers, eight hundred crew, and six thousand sacks of mail. Down in the fiery darkness of her stokehold, hundreds of men labored, stripped to the waist, shoveling coal to raise steam for a four-and-a-half-day dash across the Atlantic Ocean. But she was still creeping quietly in the channel, crossing the Mersey Bar with mere inches of tide beneath her keel and a black night ahead. Six decks above her furnaces and five hundred feet ahead of the nearest propeller, Isaac Bell heard only the motorboat.”
As in the previous episodes (The Chase; The Wrecker; The Spy; The Race.), Clive Cussler and co-author Justin Scott alternate period-perfect cliffhangers and suspenseful action that speaks to any age.