Book Series: Fargo Adventures
Book Format: Hardcover, ISBN: 0399183973 | 9780399183973, Publisher: Putnam
Publication Date: 2016, Co-Author: Robin Burcell

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fargo adventure pirate book hardcover clive cussler novel co-author robin burcell

The outstanding new Sam and Remi Fargo adventure from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author.

Buzzing with the chemistry and wit of Sam and Remi Fargo, Pirate reinvents the classic treasure hunt as only a Clive Cussler adventure can.

An 800-year-old treasure . . . an ancient cypher wheel . . . a brutal murder . . . and a man who will stop at nothing to claim what he considers rightfully his.

When husband and wife treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo try something new, a relaxing vacation, a detour to visit a rare bookstore leads to the discovery of a dead body. All signs point to a book in the store that may contain a secret map, an actual, ink-on-paper guide to a historic fortune.

The Fargos take up the challenge and find themselves flying from California to Arizona, from Jamaica to England. Racing against a vicious corporate raider with an unhealthy obsession for this particular treasure, Sam and Remi are slowed by a new betrayal at every turn. It can only mean one thing: someone on their team cannot be trusted.