Clive Cussler Reading List Book Order

Chronological list of Clive Cussler novels 2018

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(Updated 02-2018)

We believe you will find Clive’s adventure bestseller novels a great choice for summer books to read. Most are available as a bestseller paperback, bestseller hardcover and/or ebooks, audio cd.

When shopping for Clive’s adventure books & novels keep in mind the collect-ability of each individual adventure book series as they span a lifetime of writing; each novel building on the last, providing readers and collectors alike with entertainment for generations to come. Throughout the years there have been many covers on the various adventure books due to reprints and releases in other formats; each has a unique ISBN # associated with it.
( Available on Amazon Kindle,  Hardcover, Paperback, Large Print, Import, Mass Market Paperbacks, Audio, etc.)

If you have already become a collector of Clive Cussler you may wish to get your books signed by him. Many of Clive’s novels are also now available in audio book format, though the traditional bound publications are preferred by collectors. You can find the answers to many frequently asked questions(faqs) by (clicking here).

The majority of Clive’s bestselling adventure novels are part of multi-book series.
The Dirk Pitt Adventures (21+ Books) , The Numa Files (9+ books) and The Oregon Files(6+ books) with some single or 2 volume books in both  Non-Fiction and Children Classics.