Clive Cussler FAQ

Frequently Ask Question and Answer

Q: How long have you been writing novels?

I began writing evenings and weekends in 1967, so if you were to do the math you would come to the conclusion I have been writing roughly 40+ years.

Q: In what order should the books be read?

By copyright dates. Pacific Vortex was the first, followed by Mediterranean Caper, then Iceberg and Raise the Titanic. For a complete chronological list you can (get a pdf file here).

Q: Who do you enjoy reading?

Mostly non fiction historical books. Constantly researching for concepts and plots; beginning with a historical event and entering into modern times.

Q: Where can a complete list of your novels be found?

For a complete chronological list you can (get a pdf file here).

Q: What advice can you give a person interested in writing books?

Study authors who write in your genre and who are successful; their writing style, structure, characterization, and plotting. It’s all there. You don’t need to go four years to school for a degree in writing. Ernest Hemingway studied and used the style of Tolstoy. Thomas Wolfe delved into James Joyce. I used Alistair MacLean when I started out, eventually moving into my own writing style which is now copied by other authors.

Q: How has the internet affected authors and novelists?

The biggest asset of the internet to an author is for research. Years ago we all lived in libraries. Now ninety percent of our research is done on the internet, and it gets more expansive with each passing day.

Q: Is there a specific audience your books are written for?

I attempt to; write to and entertain a universal audience.

Q: How can I find out more about you?

I have a brief biography page online here (Biography here). There are also many other internet sites out there that have gone into greater detail; though some of the information may have been distorted.

Q: Have you endorsed other Authors?

Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”, Tom Clancy’s “Hunt for Red October”, Steven Koontz’s “Flight of the Intruder”, Larry Bond’s “Red Phoenix”, Dale Brown’s “Night Hawk”; and about sixty or seventy other authors..