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live Cussler ‘s books are published in over 40 languages in more than 100 countries with a growing readership of 125 million avid fans and collectors. With worldwide publishing, many of Clive’s novels are available in different covers and/or book jackets, depending on the origin and language of the publication (Domestic USA or International, etc.). A few examples of this are depicted below; simply scroll down to see them.
We believe you will find these adventure bestseller novels a great choice. Most are available as a bestseller paperback, bestseller hardcover and/or an ebook, audio-cd.
When shopping for Clive’s adventure books & novels keep in mind the collect-ability of each individual adventure book series as they span a lifetime of writing; each novel building on the last, providing readers and collectors alike with entertainment for generations to come. Throughout the years there have been many covers on the various adventure books due to reprints and releases in other formats; each has a unique ISBN # associated with it. ( Available on Amazon Kindle, NookBook, Hardcover, Paperback, Large Print, Import, Mass Market Paperbacks, Audio, etc.)
Many of Clive’s novels are also available in the latest Kindle, Nookbook & eReader formats.
If you have already become a collector of Clive Cussler you may wish to get your books signed by him. Many of Clive’s novels are also now available in audio book format, though the traditional bound books are preferred by collectors. You can find the answers to many frequently asked questions(faqs) by (clicking here).
The majority of Clive’s bestselling adventure novels are part of multi-book series. The Dirk Pitt Adventures (21 Books) , The Numa Files (9 books) and The Oregon Files(6 books) with some single books in both Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children Classics.
For a complete chronological list of Clive’s novels click here to download a pdf file.

The Dirk Pitt Adventures

ven though Pacific Vortex was published later in 1983, it is considered the 1st to be read chronologically in the series; though not required. We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday, any day adventure.
Dirk Pitt is the ultimate man of action: always ready for any challenge, always prepared to pit quick wits and brawn against an intractable problem.
Ex-US Air force, he is cool, courageous and resourceful, which is why he works for the US National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) – the undersea counterpart to NASA. In service of NUMA Pitt travels across the globe – and wherever he goes, action and adventure are sure to follow…

The Numa Files

he majority of Clive’s adventure novels are part of multi-book series.We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday, anyday adventure.

Kurt Austin is Head of the US National Underwater and Marine Agency’s (NUMA) Special Assignments Team – a job that ensures he is no stranger to danger above or below the waves.

Austin’s assignments take him across the globe and frequently bring him into conflict with those who seek to use any and all means to exploit the world’s resources. But as a professional man of action, Austin is determined that it will never happen on his watch.

The Oregon Files

he majority of Clive adventure novels are part of multi-book series. We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday, anyday adventure.

Juan Cabrillo is Chairman of the Corporation, a special US Government-sponsored group that operates out of a ship called the Oregon; a marvel of scientific research equipment bristling with state-of-the-art weaponry – but disguised as a heap of junk.

Cabrillo and his crew of mercenaries with a conscience are able to cross the high seas in their rusting tub unmolested, seeking out those beyond the arms of the law and dealing out justice to any who would plot chaos on a global scale.

Isaac Bell

saac Bell is an electrifying new hero, this tall, lean, no-nonsense detective working for the Van Dorn Detective Agency who is driven by his sense of justice, travels early-twentieth-century America pursuing thieves and killers . . .

… And sometimes criminals much worse.

An audacious new historical adventure thriller series from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author and grand master of adventure.

Fargo Adventures

am and Remi Fargo, a husband and wife treasure-hunting team who travel to exotic locales around the globe; unraveling ancient mysteries, unearthing long-lost treasures, finding themselves in sticky situations at every turn…

The debut of a brand-new, action-packed series from the #1 New York Times bestselling master of pure entertainment (People Magazine).

…Publishers Weekly proclaimed solidly in the Cussler tradition, sure to please new fans and old, Clive Cussler introduced husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo.

Non Fiction

ther Best Sellers by Clive Cussler
The majority of Clive adventure novels are part of multi-book series. Here a few that are of special interest though not directly in any of his three best selling series they are NY Times Best Sellers.
We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday anyday adventure.

Clive Cussler non-fiction titles with Craig Dirgo:

Children Classic

he majority of Clive adventure novels are part of multi-book series. Here are some childrens adventure books of special interest. Clive’s classic childrens book series begins with The Adventures of Vin Fiz followed on by The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy. These kids books make great summer books to read. Full of childhood adventure and a delight for kids of all ages to read.

Ten-year-old twins Lacey and Casey Nicefolk are fascinated by Sucoh Sucop, the mysterious old man who comes to work on their family’s farm. Whenever Sucop isn’t working in the fields he disappears into the barn to secretly work on something that no one is allowed to see..