Book Series: Non Fiction
Book Format: Hardcover, ISBN: 0399158103, Publisher: Putnam Publishing
Publication Date: 2011, Co-Author:

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Built for Adventure

A gorgeous tour through Clive Cussler’s outstanding collection of rare, classic, and antique automobiles.
Fans of Clive Cussler’s bestselling Dirk Pitt series know that his hero has a soft spot for rare and classic automobiles—and that the vehicles that appear in the novels are actually part of Cussler’s own vast collection.
Through stunning color photographs and warm, informative commentary, fans of Cussler and Pitt can see fifty-six of these automobiles in all their glory, and learn about the history and acquisition of each classic car. Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Touring…Mercedes-Benz 630K…Duesenberg J-140…Cadillac V-16 Roadster…Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod…Packard V-12…It’s a car lover’s paradise!
Dirk Pitt is the ultimate man of action: always ready for any challenge, always prepared to pit quick wits and brawn against an intractable problem.
Ex-US Air force, he is cool, courageous and resourceful, which is why he works for the US National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) – the undersea counterpart to NASA. In service of NUMA Pitt travels across the globe – and wherever he goes, action and adventure are sure to follow…